Beyond Business


Green Initiative - The disposal of waste electronic components, materials and devices is leading to an avalanche of e-waste, toxic metals and chemicals which is headed to landfills. Unless and until proper policies for safe disposal and recycling of electronic waste are implemented and followed by industries and government there will be serious damage to environment.
To avoid the damages caused to the environment due to the electronic waste, we follow methods to safely and effectively dispose, reduce, reuse and recycle electronic waste. We implement programs which ensure that the resource obtained from the disposal of the electronic waste is invested back into environment and green initiatives. As a matter of company policy, we always try to use RoHS components, materials and less power consuming devices in our products.


Tree Planting -  We take part in the planting of Trees all over our city thus increasing the green cover. In our company, we encourage every one to minimize the use of papers, electricity to possible extent thus making every one to contribute towards green measures. We also encourage the use of recycled & reusable boxes and paper in our company.


Social Commitments

As a part of our social responsibility initiative, we provide free training in Embedded systems and software to deserving economically backward students through our Training division